A partnership between micro-jobbing platform, Money for Jam (M4JAM), and youth leadership programme, Columba Leadership, has been shortlisted for the Unilever Global Development Award. Supported by Business Fights Poverty, the nomination is a result of their efforts towards creating economic freedom for the youth of Mzansi.

Columba graduates engage in experiential or job learning to gain skills like problem solving, working in teams, communicating and personal mastery needed in the working world.

Columba and M4JAM address two of the most urgent challenges: education and employment.

“Our partnership will let us become the biggest employer of youth in the country within the next five years,” said Andy Payne, M4JAM chairman.

“Micro-jobbing and micro-training with smartphones will do to traditional employment and education what Uber did to transport.”

The partnership addresses these issues by using on-the-job learning with various community improvement projects.

M4JAM offers a unique way to address unemployment by providing a steady stream of micro-jobs to young job seekers which will help boost their skills and also fill out their CVs.