ARE you prepared to face the world of work?

Many graduates feel nervous facing work for the first time. There is a definite culture shock which can lead to some feeling trapped, anxious and even terrified that their understanding of social life will be turned around when they leave academia.

Nola Payne, faculty head of Information and Communications Technology at the Independent Institute of Education said: “We know many millennials who are starting their first jobs often feel disillusioned when the reality of work does not meet their expectations. And if you can’t make a huge change now, lots of smaller changes have a lasting, positive impact too.”

Why do you feel stuck at work?

Did you make the wrong choice?

If you studied law, did you do so because you imagined you would become a TV lawyer arguing in court instead of being stuck in a little office moving papers?

If your career is making you unhappy, look at what other careers suit your skill set. Would you need to study again?

Does your career feel like it has stalled?

If your job is boring you, move on to a new job in the same career path.

“You will spend most of your waking hours at work, which is why it is important to feel fulfilled by what you do and not suffer for your salary.”

Do you love your work but the other people involved make you miserable?

“The reality is that you will – no matter where you are or what you do – encounter people you don’t like. Once you realise this early on, you need to work on your people skills and diplomacy as much as you did on getting your degree.

“This can dramatically improve your prospects and job satisfaction.”

Payne said you need to commit to ending your final year with a clear understanding of which new skill or career interests you.