HOW can you get the skills needed to find a decent job?

Kay Vittee, CEO of Quest Staffing Solutions, says job seekers need to show they have more than free time and a CV to be employed.

“If you want to impress employers, you should take up an apprenticeship to gain knowledge and experience or even work part time where you can,” she said.

“Educating yourself will improve your chances of employment.

“With millions hunting for jobs, it is not realistic to expect to be offered a job with little to no effort having been put into bettering yourself and making sure that you have what it takes to stand out and be great at what you do,” she said

In a context of a high unemployment rate, job-seekers often find themselves in competition with hundreds – sometimes thousands – of highly experienced and qualified professionals.

However, recent statistics highlight that certain sectors have started to grow which present greater a opportunity for job creation.

She said the recent 0,6% improvement in the national unemployment rate to 26,5% – as released by Statistics South Africa in its Quarterly Labour Force Survey – is largely because of growth in employment in the services, transport and manufacturing industries.

“This is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to addressing the lack of opportunities in the current market.

“It is only a small step and should be used to motivate and boost further growth in public and private institutions to develop technical skill and apprenticeship programmes, and focus on education and the development of skills for high-demand sectors,” Vittee said.

People without a matric are likely to only add to the majority of the 59% of unemployed South Africans.