Childhood is a rough time for kasi kids.

Children raised in townships or poor neighbourhoods experience a level of violence that’s unsafe and unhealthy.

Experiencing violence is traumatic and it breaks a child’s mind when he should be thinking about books, friends, games and homework.

Instead we are seeing the result of violence committed by school pupils on other kids or adults.

Puleng Motsoeneng, a director at Ntataise, an organisation dedicared to early childhood development, said schools are meant to be safe spaces where kids learn.

“New reports are coming in of violence at schools – some of which was fatal. This violence directly impacts a child’s view of school, which badly affects the ability to learn.

“Children have volatile minds and exposure to violence in or around their environments may subconsciously be creating a culture of violence which may become a lived experience,” she said.

According to Early childhood development and child violence, a report produced for the department of planning, monitoring and evaluation, poor environments, malnutrition, inferior education and widespread violence will limit the future prospects of children in South Africa.

Ntataise fights against abuse by promoting inclusivity, care, family, love, tolerance, respect, human rights and responsibility.