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Substance use disorder is a recognised problem in which people suffer physical and/or psychological issues as a result of drug use or abuse.

It continues to be a worldwide problem and it not only negatively affects the wellbeing of millions of people, young and old, but also productivity at the workplace.

As a result, a number of interventions and treatments that use medicine and therapy are available.

These include cognitive behavioural therapy and harm reduction as well as dialectical behavioural therapy.

The Akeso Psychiatric Clinic group has been focusing on a model that is evidence-based and helps regulate both mood and behaviour, said Dr Mike West, psychiatrist at Akeso Clinic Milnerton.

“Scientific evidence shows that the dialectic-based therapy, helps to calm ‘neural networks’ and relax the mind; manage emotional pain; regulate emotional and behavioural responses, create new relationships and improve existing ones,” he said.

West uses dialectic therapy and intervention to help users address the bad habits of substance abuse and to help them get into a position where they can make an informed choice about whether, why and when they would like to make an attempt to quit.

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