AN 11-year-old boy came home with a circumcision form. A big debate began between his mum and dad on whether or not to give consent ensued.

The mum argued that the son should wait until he was old enough to decide whether to cut or not.

The dad’s argument was that the earlier he got the cut, the better.

This is a debate in many households these days, especially due to the negative stories about unregistered initiation schools.

According to health NGO, Right to Care, which has performed one million medical circumcisions in the past five years, winter is the best season for young men to get cut.

Working together with the department of health, the NGO offers free and safe circumcisions at health facilities in the Thabo Mofutsanyane district of the Free State.

It’s been proved that circumcision helps reduce the sexual transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections drastically.

It also helps reduce the Human Papilloma Virus, which causes cervical cancer in women. There’s also evidence that circumcision can prevent new HIV infections.

Dr Khumbulani Moyo, medical male circumcision project director at Right to Care, said after the procedure men should visit the clinic two days later to enable healthcare professionals to check that the wound is clean and healing well.

“Even after circumcision, condom use is vital to prevent the transmission of HIV,” said Dr Moyo.

  • Some myths surrounding circumcision: Circumcision prevents HIV transmission. Voluntary male medical circumcision doesn’t totally eliminate HIV transmission but reduces it significantly.) The healing process is painful. After the procedure, nurses will give you a pack and show you how to clean the wound properly.) Circumcision will interfere with the ability to enjoy sex. Circumcision has no adverse effect on sexual pleasure. It should be conducted under sterile conditions. You should not have sex or masturbate during the six-week healing process. Studies show that there is no difference in sexual desire, function or sensitivity after circumcision.

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