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Even medical aid may not cover the costs of cancer treatment.  ~ 

THERE are many reasons people don’t take out a financial cover for deadly diseases like cancer.

But Tetiwe Jawuna, head of Standard Bank insurance brokers, said it is very important to make sure you are covered.

Every year many people learn they have some form of cancer.

Just in Mzansi, one out of nine woman is at risk of getting breast cancer and one in eight men get diagnosed with prostate cancer.

While there is good news that fewer people are dying from these diseases than before, various sources claim that the incidence of these two forms of cancer is growing at about 12% a year.

“Obviously, the earlier a cancer is diagnosed – particularly breast and prostate cancers – the better the chances of survival from speedy treatment.”

Cancer is devastating news for all patients and their families but even after they fight off the disease, they still often need to face the costs of treatment.

“It is not enough to rely on medical aid schemes and believe that these benefits will absorb most of the financial costs caused through treatment,” she said.

She said medical aid schemes pay for medical expenses according to an agreed schedule but may not cover all the day-to-day expenses or long-term expenses.

That is where your deadly disease medical insurance cover comes in.

This is insurance that can help replace lost income as well as help your family in time of need.

A policy like the Standard Bank Cancer Care plan covers the policyholder and is designed to help by making a lump sum payment when cancer is first diagnosed.

This means immediate financial relief to the patient.

“By removing the financial stress both the patient and his or her family can then concentrate on treatment and how to go forward,” she said

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