MZANSI is certainly baking in a hot summer.

And the long, warm days mean many women can take a splash in a pool, do a few extra reps in the gym or enjoy outdoor parties – it isn’t the season of bikinis, shorts and summer dresses for nothing!

Unfortunately, nothing cramps a woman’s style more than an unwelcome period.

A pad may be sensibly worn in a pair of jeans but it doesn’t really work in a swimsuit or skin tight gym gear. This is the time you have to use a tampon.

Despite the many myths and superstitions you hear, tampons will not take your virginity. Tampons can be used when swimming or even during your day-to-day business while feeling more comfortable and safer then pad.

Sister Burgie Ireland, has some tampon advice for you.

Use the tampon

Clean your hand before inserting the tampon. Remove the bottom piece of the wrapper so that the string is exposed. Pull the string so that it hangs down.

The string must stay outside your body.

Remove the tampon

You simply pull the string to pull it out. It rarely happens but if you lose the string, don’t panic, squat and remove the tampon with your fingers.

Can I insert a tampon too far?

No. The cervix (the opening of your uterus) is too small for a tampon to fit through so there is no need to stress about this.

When do I change tampons?

It is best to change your tampon every three to four hours depending on your flow.

Will a tampon take my virginity?

No, a tampon does not affect your virginity.

Can a tampon stay in overnight?

Tampons should NEVER be left in for more than eight hours – it can lead to dangerous toxic shock syndrome. It is recommended that you use a pad when you sleep.