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Managing diabetes is a full-time job but here’s help!  ~ 

MANAGING diabetes adds new headaches to your problems.

To help, the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (CDE) has launched its CDE Club app.

The free app, which can be downloaded to smart phones and computers, helps patients keep the disease under control.

Hamish van Wyk, registered dietitian and diabetes educator at CDE, said more often than not, diabetic care is self-administered.

“Diabetics have to decide when to take their medication, what to eat and when to exercise.”

He said once you download the app you can access educational articles, videos and recipes to understand your health better.

All you need to do is to type any question on the app and it will provide you with the relevant information to help you manage your condition.

“Our experience tells us that people with diabetes have many questions about their condition but they don’t always get the answers.

“It is not our intention that the app takes over the role of a diabetes nurse, teacher or dietitian, but it provides information to support the user’s health needs,” he said.

Some questions addressed include:

- Why do I have diabetes?

- What is an HbA1c?

- Will I ever need insulin in addition to my pills?

- How many times a day should I check my blood-glucose levels?

Based on the questionnaires the app has answered and articles users have read, the app also recommends actions which pop up as notifications.

For example, the app can remind the user to drink more water or to take lunch to work.

Users can also track their workouts and steps, among other events and activities.

He said people that register on the CDE diabetes management programme can view their health record with clinical feedback.

“It is so important that people living with diabetes are encouraged and supported on their journey. Lifestyle changes are hard to implement alone.”

To download the app visit www.cdediabetes.co.za/home/diabetes/join-cde-club/about-cde-club.html.

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