TOO much salt is a major concern in Mzansi.

According to the City of Ekurhuleni’s open day held at Geluksdal Clinic, people need to be made aware of kidney diseases and other issues caused by a high-salt diet.

Salt is known to keep water in the blood, which causes high-blood pressure that damages the arteries and negatively affects blood flow to the brain and other organs.

The city asked people to be more careful and cut down on their salt intake.

High-blood pressure or hypertension is a critical and dangerous sign of poor health.

Hypertension is the unhealthy increase in blood pressure, which puts a strain on the arteries and other blood vessels.

Upon detection, it needs urgent and dedicated medical attention. Hypertension is part of a collection of heart-related conditions and diseases that are among the top causes of deaths in Mzansi.

Visitors were urged to regularly visit their clinics for check-ups. The sooner you get your health problems diagnosed, the better your chances of turning your life around.

Nocawe Ngalake, a clinic manager at Geluksdal, said residents should be aware of the signs and symptoms associated with hypertension. These include persistent headaches, dizziness and/or blurred vision.

She said high-blood pressure is controllable.

But she stressed the importance of cutting down your salt intake and encouraged attendees to opt for a healthy lifestyle.

Ways to fight hypertension

- Drink lots of water

-- Cut out fast food

- Exercise regularly

- Don’t smoke

- Limit alcohol consumption

- Avoid stress

- Maintain a healthy body weight