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Make sure that you take some time to take care of driving distractions.  ~ 

THE open road calls to us as we approach the holiday season.

Mzansi is beautiful and it will be tempting for many to enjoy the landscape with a road trip.

But the roads will also be filled with plenty of dangers. shared some insight with SunWellbeing for you before you travel.

At the start of 2016, the Department of Transport reported an increase in the festive season fatalities compared to the previous season, so the time from 1 December, all the way to early January, is when we must be extra vigilant.

Avoid a sugar rush: Many people think that sugary treats, energy drinks, coffee and junk food keep their energy levels up during a road trip. This is, however, short-lived as your energy levels will slump soon after consuming these treats. This sugar slump puts you at risk of becoming fatigued sooner.

Rather make sure that you eat healthy snacks during your trip and drink plenty of water.

Activate or change your voicemail message for your trip: Using a cellphone while driving is a major cause of accidents.

People awaiting your arrival are usually curious as to your whereabouts and will call to find out whether everything is all right with you and your passengers.

Change your voicemail at each rest stop to inform people of where you are in your journey and let them know where your next stop will be.

This will put them – as well as yourself – at ease and avoid unnecessary phone calls during your drive.

Switch insurance: It may not seem like a good idea to change insurance just before you go on holiday but according to Derek Wilson, head of, this is actually the best time to consider checking whether your insurance has you covered since you are alert and thinking of all possible scenarios, so you are able to ask all the right questions.

For example, just before a trip people will question whether they have the best roadside assistance as part of their vehicle insurance cover in case of an emergency. Check and confirm that you are adequately insured by comparing car insurance quotes from a range of South African insurance providers.

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