FOR DECADES, we were told to avoid fat – it was bad for our health!

But research has uncovered that fats are not all that bad for you.

Some are needed for key bodily functions.

Essential fatty acids

One of the most important groups of needed fats are the essential fatty acids – they are needed because our bodies don’t produce them.

According to iNova, the pharmaceutical brand, the omega-3 fatty acids are known for their many body and brain health benefits.

Found mainly in fish and other sea life, as well as in some plant and nut oils, omega-3 fats may help support cognitive health and brain function, and supports the development of eyes and nerves in children up to 12 years old. Other studies have linked children’s poor reading ability with low levels of omega-3 fat and higher levels are associated with improved memory function.

DHA, found in omega-3 fats, is important for eye function and is a major structural component of the eye’s retina.

It’s also one of the main fatty acids in the brain – the brain seem to improve when its DHA supply increases.

Undoubtedly, for adults and children alike, getting these fatty acids from food, such as fatty fish two times per week, is ideal.