SPRING has arrived in Mzansi and it is getting hot enough to swim.

It is a township tradition to welcome the warmer weather by throwing buckets of water on each other.

But these days, some residents ekasi prefer swimming.

Terry Mokoena, founder of Life@40’n Beyond, said that, as oldies, they have caught on to swimming. He said swimming is great exercise, helps them relax and is excellent fun.

Mokoena said: “It seems that everyone assumes old people exist only to stay at home and look after children but they need to go out and enjoy themselves.”

The reason why got together to create Life@40’n Beyond was to make sure that middle-aged people can get away as well.

The group organises trips to other provinces as well as other activities where those taking part can have fun.

On Spring Day, 1 September, this crew went to Thoriso Guest House in Walkerville, south of Joburg, where they swam to their hearts’ delight.