THERE are some gyms that are serious about helping their members get real results.

As more and more people become aware of the need for exercise, SunWellbeing visited Box Studio GP, a gym centre in Midrand. We not only spoke to one of the founders but also experienced what it’s like to be in a gym that is focused on getting its clients proper results.

But it needs discipline too. Only people who want to succeed will stick it out. This is because the instructor is not forgiving and pushes you to your limit.

You will feel your body strain and your body drench you in sweat as you move from one exercise to the next.

There is no rest in this gym, and if you try to steal a minute to catch a breath, the instructor is right behind you screaming: “You don’t stop until I tell you to! This is my gym and I give you the instructions!”

In this gym you are left with no choice but to put your nose to the fitness grindstone.

And according to co-founder and trainer Siyabonga Mazibuko, this is the centre’s aim.

“We specialise in boxing, fitness, functional training and strength training. Our programmes are designed in such a way that we can develop real results for our members.”

He said gym is not only about getting those muscles to grow and fat to melt away, but also to change out client’s lifestyle.

“If a person is ready to start, we first start them off to the 12-month mind transforming programme. This psychologically prepares them for the course – we all have to be ready for this.”

Siyabonga said this helps people focus on the big picture and not allow the little things to interrupt their exercise goal.

“The reason resolutions fail is because people just make them and walk into gym without sitting down and preparing themselves psychologically.”

Running fitness, pregnancy workouts and kiddies boxing are some of the programmes offered at Box Studio