Residents have taken the first step towards improving their health.

Young and elderly residents of Nyanga in Cape Town take part in a 5km walk and aerobics session every Sunday morning at Nyanga Stadium from 7 to 8am.

Organiser Khonza Mxinwa (54) told Daily Sun residents always complained about crime in the area.

“I decided to organise the walks because I wanted to come up with something that would make people say good things about Nyanga.

“We started with only 15 people but we are happy with the growth,” said Khonza.

“Today we have about 50 members who joined the walk because they know it’s good for them.”

Catherine Dumile (65) took part in the walk on Sunday.

She told the People Paper: “I can already feel the change because my blood pressure is at the right level.

“Other elderly people should join us and do the walk to reduce their clinic visits.”

Fitness instructor Thuleka Duze said: “The most important thing is knowing what to eat and how to exercise.

“We are promoting a healthy lifestyle. Soon there will be a big difference between those who attend and those who sit at home.”

Nontsindiso Gwibana (57) said she was grateful to Khonza and Thuleka.

“Thuleka is patient. She does everything slowly as she knows she will be dealing with elderly people like me.”