HEALTHY eating was recently put under spotlight again.

Dr Craig Nossel, head of Vitality Wellness, said: “We know that the prevalence of lifestyle diseases are on the rise. With this campaign, we want to bring greater awareness to these largely preventable and manageable diseases, as well as remind people of the many short and long-term rewards of making healthier food choices,” said Nossel.

According to research by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, people who frequently cook at home are far likelier to eat more healthily than those who eat fast food. They consume fewer kilojoules, eat more varied food and get more nutrients.

“We hope that this special offer serves as another catalyst for people to eat more healthily and enjoy the rewards of a healthier lifestyle,” said Nossel.

Important things about nutrition in Mzansi:

Poor nutrition is a key cause of noncommunicable diseases.

About one in every two Mzansi adults is overweight or obese, and the rate is rising.

A rise in obesity rates comes with an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and premature death.

Discovery data shows that being obese increases healthcare costs by as much as R4 400 a person every year.

Research from Discovery’s science lab shows that the healthier Vitality members’ shopping baskets are, the lower their body mass index and healthcare costs.

Those who buy healthy food have a 10% lower body mass index than those who purchase unhealthy food and eat a lot of bought meals.