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The last photo sent by Madison Coe before she was
The last photo sent by Madison Coe before she was electrocuted using her cellphone in the bathroom. Photo released by her parents  ~ 

WE like to think of them as a best friend we couldn’t live without, but sometimes our obsession with our cellphones is deadly.

The Straits Times is reporting that Salsabila Ayu Putri (6) from a village in West Java was playing with a cellphone that was charging.

It was about 4pm on Thursday and a violent storm arrived.

Lightning struck the house and the child died instantly.

Earlier in December, martial arts champion Irina Rybnikova (15) from Bratsk, Russia paid the ultimate price when she charged her iPhone while she took a bath, the Sun is reporting.

She was electrocuted when it fell in the water.

Last July, Madison Coe (14) from Lovington, New Mexico was enjoying her usual leisurely bath, playing with her cellphone.

She needed to charge it, so she fetched an extension cord.

Tragically, she touched the frayed part where the wires poked through and was instantly killed.

Besides the life-threatening dangers that comes with mixing electricity with water, drivers who use their phones are also making them into deadly machines.

A road safety organisation estimates that being distracted by a cellphone accounts for about 25% of Mzansi’s horrific number of accidents.

There are also the distracted pedestrians who die because they cross roads while looking at their phones. Just in America last year, about 6 000 people were killed in this way, according to USA Today.

A real shock is how often taking selfies leads to sudden death. According to CNBC, this year 259 people died while taking selfies, making it a more common cause of death than shark attacks.

Last weekend a birthday celebration in Cape Town had exactly that horror ending when Jolandi le Roux (31) fell to her death from Lookout Point while taking a selfie.

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