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Handbag theft is on the rise in Mzansi so watch out!  ~ 

IF there is one problem that we all agree on, it’s the terrible problem this country has with crime.

Petty crime is often ignored by police as they are unwilling to waste resources which are already stretched too thin by coping with even worse crimes This means is it up to us to be more vigilant.

Handbags are a tempting target to thieves. According to 1st for Women’s Insurance, handbag theft is on the rise and the loss of a handbag is devastating for victims. Not only is the cash spent, cards abused, phones reset and resold but there’s the trauma and inconvenience that follows.

Casey Rousseau of 1st for Women Insurance said: “Be aware of all your bag’s zippers. Zip them up before you go anywhere. Press your bag close to your body.”

Where handbags get stolen

Passenger seat of your car: Always put your handbag in the boot. The added inconvenience makes an easy theft much harder.

Cinema: When it’s dark and you are lost in the movie front of you, bag thieves will take advantage of your distracted bliss to reach under the seat and grab the bag at your feet or even slide items quietly from the bag. Always keep your bag zipped up and on your lap at the movies.

Shopping trolleys: When you are shopping, your mind moves between your trolley, your shopping list and the shelves but your attention can only ever be on one of them. When you are looking away, you can’t see someone sneaking off with your bag.

It’s extremely easy to steal your bag or lift things out of it when you are checking prices and specials.

Keep your bag on your shoulder.

Crowded places: It’s so easy for thieves to snatch a bag in a crowd and then disappear. When in a public place, be aware of when someone bumps into you.

You may think of it as an ordinary accident but the bump distracts you from a hand sneaking into your handbag or pocket.

“Crime will be a terrible reality in South Africa for a long time so we need to deal with it. While it is tiring to be constantly vigilant, the more you practise it, the more skilled you become and are able to protect yourself and your stuff,” Rosseau said.

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