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Be alert for people who approach while you load your boot.  ~ 

EVERY year the festive season becomes crazy for two reasons: shoppers and crime.

This is why Cresta Shopping Centre in Joburg offers a downloadable booklet to teach shoppers to be more safety aware.

Here are some of their safety tips:


- Let your family and friends know of your shopping plans and when you will be back.

- Always physically test that your car is locked before leaving to check it against car-remote jamming devices that interfere with your car’s remote control locking systems.

Shopping with children

- Point out security guards so your children know where to get help if they get lost.

Escalator safety

- Make sure your child does not lean on the handrail – the excess weight can slow the escalator down and throw riders off balance

- Lift toddlers on and off the step – shoes and boots with soft rubber soles have been known to slip into cracks between steps and the escalator wall.

When leaving the centre

- Be alert when exiting malls.

- Have your car keys in hand before you get to your car. When you return to your car be aware of your surroundings.

- If you suspect you are being followed, do NOT drive directly home but drive to the nearest police station.

Protect your information

Protect your ATM PIN number.

- Memorise your PIN number – never write it down or share it with anyone.

Report suspicious behaviour

- By reporting suspicious activity you help lower the risk of crime.

- If you see suspicious activity or persons, tell centre security or SAPS immediately.

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