AMONG the 20 teenagers who attended last Saturday’s mental health workshop at Credo Mutwa Village in White City, Soweto, was Jeanette Mogoai from Orlando.

The Thari E Ntsho workshop was organised with the theme “Let’s kill suicide” which struck a chord with the 17-year-old Parktown Girls High pupil.

Her life stopped being easy when she lost her mother.

“I am trying my best to be where I belong but I cannot say all is well with me. I hope I learn something at this workshop.

“I need to know how to manage life when it seems too difficult for me to handle. I am vulnerable to violence which I was exposed to when my mother was alive.”

Jeanette says she is haunted by those terrible memories – they keep rushing back like a flood of misery.

Bertha Letsoko, director of Thari E Ntsho, said this was their first mental health workshop. Thari E Ntsho was founded five years ago to address the many social ills in the townships but lately they have decided to focus on the rising number of teenage suicides.

“We expanded our project by using community halls and other platforms to reach as many people as possible.

“We want to create a safe space for teenagers where they can get in touch with themselves and take charge of their lives. We started with yoga but we will include other activities in future.”

Thari E Ntsho is a non-profit organisation that uses sport, workshops, seminars and recreation to help youth find the esteem and confidence they need to positively define themselves.

Instructor Padi Lesego taught the teens some yoga stretches.