Reading aloud is one of the most important activities parents and caregivers can do with children.

It develops language abilities, improves vocabulary and critical thinking and encourages empathy and curiosity.

Multi-lingual literacy is a powerful tool to tackle poverty and inequality but constant educational failures block this skill from being developed.

This World Read Aloud Day on Friday we’re calling on YOU to add your pledge to read aloud to the children in your life. This year’s story is: “Where are you?”

SunEducation spoke to Martha Modise of Tembisa, a teacher. She said: “I learnt a lot about educating young ones since I have started a pre-school at my home. I share this information with other teachers at the school.

“Reading is a difficult skill to learn. This is why teachers need to speak the words while the children read. It stimulates many parts of the brain at the same time.”

Mary Mokwena, a teacher at Kids First Preschool, said: “I applied the method two years ago and the results are encouraging.”