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Most of us aren’t aware of what we should do to succeed after school.  ~ 

WHAT do you want to do after you finish school?

Speaking about careers can be confusing and even irritating to pupils trying to get through high school but it is an important topic.

If you need help and guidance about which careers are best for, here is a new way to get help.

IdentityDNA, developed by researcher, author and entrepreneur Fabienne Francis, analyses a person’s character traits, aptitude, intelligence and abilities to determine the environments where they would thrive.

“The analysis finds options a person never knew were possible,” said Winnie Moses, senior member at the College for Maritime and Business Studies in Braamfontein, Joburg.

“It is no secret that our society is a challenging one. Our education system rightly earns far more criticism than praise.

“It is not enough to teach students, we must also build youths with strong character.

“While this is not easy, our business and life skills coach, Holger Schonfeld, partnered with Francis, to analyse students with IdentityDNA.

IdentityDNA identifies an individual’s defining characteristics and how they can be used in society, among their peers, in the classroom, in future workplaces and in the end, to improve their lives.

IdentityDNA delivers a highly effective skills analysis in a fast, easy and accurate way.

Francis said that youths go through challenges every day.

“They have become victims of social media – the place where we lose ourselves to the need to get faceless strangers to like and approve of our pictures and jokes.”

For more information on IdentityDNA analysis, call 011 339 1301 or email holger@cbmstrust.co.za

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