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It’s important for children to go to schools they like but which also offer a decent education.  ~ 

ALL parents want the best education for their children.

What should you know when you start looking for a school for your child? Future Nation Schools shared some advice with SunEducation.

Visit each school

You learn a lot about a school, its traditions and ideals when you visit it. The choice of public and private school is a factor in this regard.

Activities and sport

Learn what extra-mural activities are available for your child or children. What transport facilities are available for your children in the afternoon? Will you need to change your schedule every week to transport them to and from school?

Speak to current students and parents

You can learn a lot quickly when you chat to current parents and students about the pros and cons of a school.

Look at all the costs

You will pay school fees every month, so you need to be able to afford them. There are also deposits, materials, uniforms and registration fees.

Schools come with other surprise expenses – can your budget cope with them?

Choose the right school for your child

At the end of the day, when you look at schools, you need to choose the one best suited to your child. It is important your child is happy and comfortable at the school because he or she needs to attend that place for many years.

Apply early

Make sure you look into when registration opens and when it closes. Prepare and get your child’s registration forms in as soon as you can.

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