7 months ago
Mzansi is in dire need of professional supply chain managers and this critical shortage is harming our country.  ~ 

THE supply chain industry, which includes maritime, logistics and transportation, is critically lacking in Mzansi.

Over the past few years, Statistics South Africa researched the opportunities created by this industry.

Holger Schonfeld, the managing director of the College for Business and Maritime Studies, said that in the next two years the supply chain industry is going to boom!

“I’m not sure how many South Africans are aware of this, but the retail industry is undergoing a massive overhaul.

“Jobs are being lost, shops are closing down and jobs are being lost because online shopping and e-commerce is taking the country by storm.”

South Africans want convenience and safety, they do not want to waste fuel driving to malls, pay for parking and risk being targeted by thugs and scammers. This is why malls and shopping centres are drying up and there is a huge problem on the horizon. South Africa has poor logistics ability and organisational mismanagement is rife.

The South African Post Office has trouble delivering a letter you sent to your neighbour.

Other countries such as Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania have embraced the supply chain industry while South Africa sleeps.

“In those countries I saw the incredible transformation which had taken place. South Africa has twice the resources yet is only capable of a fraction of the work.”

For more information about studying supply chain management, visit www.cbmstrust.co. za

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