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The year has swiftly come to an end. For many high school students the December vacation will be a well-deserved period to relax, have fun and recharge batteries before the start of the new academic year. But for the matric class of 2016, this is a time to celebrate! The longest chapter in their lives as students thus far has finally closed, bringing with it the start of something new. Something better!

For a vast majority of young minds whose true strengths were not nurtured under the traditional high school system, their greatest joy is being free from the shackles of academic confines.

Let’s face it. The South African public school curriculum has never seen students as individuals.  Not in the subjects offered, not the pace in which students have to study and not the way in which lessons are taught. Graduating from high school means that individuals whose skills and niche abilities don’t fit the traditional mould now have an opportunity to explore the academic side of them that had previously been ignored.

For students like these, Lyceum College is the perfect choice. With almost 100 years as a leading provider of higher education through distance learning, we have successfully helped thousands of people achieve success in their careers. Studying the correspondence way offers a range of benefits for career-driven individuals who want to study, but not in the traditional way.

The first advantage of studying at Lyceum is that you can get the qualification you want without having to physically attend class. This means that you can maintain full-time employment, earn while you learn, and devote time to personal commitments, without feeling like you have too much on your plate. Our self-study option also allows you to go through coursework at a pace you are comfortable with; so that you can absorb the requisite knowledge without being rushed by lecturers or tutors.

The second perk our students enjoy is a timetable of flexibility and convenience whereby they decide what environment best stimulates their ability to learn effectively; be it the comfort of their own home, on the beach, at a coffee shop, or at night when everything is quiet and still.

Not all students thrive in a classroom setting, so by finding a place that works for them, they are more inclined to focus, excel on assignments and ace examinations. By not attending classes you also save money and time as it eliminates the need to travel between home and campus.

At Lyceum we offer a diverse range of specialised degrees, diplomas, higher certificates, certificates and short learning programmes. These courses sit on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), are SAQA aligned and accredited by the Department of Higher Education, and have been created by the foremost academic minds to give students the skills needed to succeed in their chosen careers.

Our programme offering falls into four unique schools; including the niche School of Public Safety for those with a strong desire to uphold the law; the School of Education for future school teachers; the School of Fleet and Logistics Management and the School of Business Studies.

With the credibility, variety and convenience, of studying through Lyceum it’s easy to see why so many have opted for our mode of study.  To enjoy a rewarding and enriching experience that will bring about significant personal development, go to or call 0860 100 705 for more information.

Join our network of successful working professionals today. Your future is safe with us. 

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