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Education is costly, so learn to save.Photo byKopano Monaheng  ~ 

EDUCATION is becoming too expensive!

But parents cannot fold their arms and hope for the best for their children. They need to fight to ensure their children get the best education they need.

Ester Ochse, FNB product specialist, said parents should start saving for their children’s education.

“Be it for crèche, nursery, primary or tertiary education,” said Ester.

She said the minimum of R300 every month can help your children reap the benefits in future.

Her tips for the parents:

Draw up a savings plan

If saving is a challenge, then look at savings accounts or unit trusts that offer you great interest and return on investment.

Choose between private, public school or boarding school.

Whichever options you choose ensure that the school is a right fit for your child and they are comfortable with the space, environment, teacher and other children.

Work on your budget

There are many budget templates that you can access that will help guide you through the process.

General school expenses

Many schools require that children partake in extracurricular activities like netball, chess and modern dance – most of these activities have related costs.

Having a nanny

You cannot be in two places at once, you may need help at home to look after your kids during the day. This also comes at a cost.


Recycle and get your children secondhand textbooks. This will help reduce your costs rather than buying brand new textbooks.


Instead of buying new uniforms, go to the secondhand school shop and purchase the uniforms there. Buy a bigger size so that they can use it the next year.

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