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EACH paper goes through several checks before the marks are approved and released. But if you feel certain that yours was marked unfairly, you can apply for that paper to be re-marked. Similarly, if you'd like someone to check that an exam section or page wasn't accidentally missed, and re-add up all the section points, you can pay for it to be re-checked. You may also apply to view your exam script, but only after a re-mark or re-check.


- The closing date for re-mark and recheck applications is 19 January 2017. 
- You need to register at Head Office, and lodge only one application. 
- The fees for re-marking and re-checking of scripts per subject cost R92 for a re-mark, and R21 for a re-check.
- If, after your re-mark or recheck you'd like to view your script, you have to apply within 7 days after your reviewed results, at a cost of R180 per script.


- You have to apply for a re-mark or re-check by no later than Tuesday 10 January 2017.
- Your results statement will have all details about applying for a re-mark or re-check.
- The results will be available on 1 February 2017.

Supplementary exams (rewrites):

Should you want to rewrite a paper, you're able to apply to write a supplementary exam.


- The closing date for applications is 19 January 2017.

- The candidate must meet the following criteria to apply. Approval is not guaranteed:

- If a candidate has not met the minimum promotion and certification requirements in the final external examination, but requires a maximum of two subjects to obtain the National Senior Certificate, he or she may register for a maximum of two subjects for the supplementary examination in the year following the final external examination. These two subjects must be subjects that the candidate sat for in the previous end-of-year examination.
- If a candidate is medically unfit and, as a result, was absent from one or more external examinations, he or she may register for the supplementary examination.
- If there is a death in the immediate family of a candidate, or other special reasons for the candidate’s absence, he or she may register for the supplementary examination.
- A candidate who provides documentary evidence that he or she qualifies for admission to a higher education institution or for an occupation, but does not satisfy the higher education faculty requirements or the requirements for the specific occupation, may apply for a maximum of two subjects.
- A candidate who is one requirement short in meeting the minimum admission requirements for Higher Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor’s degree programmes, may be allowed to register for a maximum of two subjects.
- In a case where an irregularity is being investigated, provisional enrolment for supplementary examination may be granted to the candidate concerned, pending the outcome of the investigation.
- A candidate who was unable to write or complete one or more of the National Senior Certificate examination question papers for reasons other than illness or injury may apply to write the supplementary examination, provided that a written report is submitted by the principal of the school to the Head of the assessment body. NB: Documentary proof substantiating reason for absenteeism must be submitted at the centre of registration to ensure entry to the supplementary examination.


- The closing date for learners who qualify for the supplementary examinations is 6 February 2017.
- The results for supplementary exams will be released on 31 March 2017.
- The closing date for re-marks/re-checks of the supplementary exams is Friday, 7 April 2017 with these results being released on 22 April 2017.

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