YOUNG Mzansi professionals are looking for work overseas as local opportunities dry up.

This is according to research by the The Boston Consulting Group, The Network and CareerJunction, which looked at 366 000 job seekers and 6 000 recruiters in 197 countries to determine how and why local talent is moving around the world.

Of all the people asked, 57% said that they would move to another country for work.

This number, however, is much greater for South Africans, where 71% of respondents – including young and working professionals – said that they are willing to relocate for work.

South Africans’ willingness to relocate has increased from 64% in 2014.

But where exactly is Mzansi talent going to? According to the study, America remains the most favourable work location for South Africans – we aren’t scared of politics – followed by Australia, the UK, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, France, China and Switzerland were the top 10 most desired work destinations in the world.

While reasons given include future-proofing careers and attaining the necessary skills to secure work and career development, South Africans are also motivated by the reality of Mzansi’s dismal economy.

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