OUR parents want the best for us and Thembi Fofona’s parents were no different. They wanted her to study for a qualification so she could find decent work at a big company one day.

But Thembi had different dreams. She decided not to look for work at someone else’s business. She wanted to be her own boss and run a makeup training centre.

When she was little, Thembi loved drawing, beauty and make up. She now lives her childhood dream at JT35 Makeup Training Skills in Randburg, Joburg.

“I was not as academic as other children. I was artistic but my parents did not understand that part of me. They wanted me to focus on a corporate career.

“They told me that everyone can do their own makeup. No one needs to be taught how to do it.”

Thembi was true to her love of art and her passion for makeup grew until she realised she couldn teach her skills and experience to others.

“I also want to give back to the community. This is why I want to train 40 women to become makeup artists, free of charge.

“There are so many women unable to find jobs but with these skills, they will be able to create their own employment.

The training will happen in Randburg and take a month to complete. The course can be extended to two months if there is a need to do so.

Getting into the makeup business

Associate yourself with people in the makeup industry. Learn as an apprentice or go to a college.

Build up a client base and start your own studio. Use social media to advertise and get referrals.

If you’re interested in the free course, email jt35@telkomsa.net. The closing date is tomorrow.