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Fortify your Future with a Distance Qualification

Have you ever wished that from a time perspective that you could be in more places than one? You’ve most definitely seen that as a theme in movies and wished that you could do just the same, in order to get more done with your day and your life.

For a vast majority of South Africans the idea of being able to study full time is one that is a distant dream. Although it might be the ideal situation, it is not achievable due to the fact that there are financial constraints around paying for full-time tuition.

So what do you do as a young matriculant, fresh out of high school? If only there was an option of study available that allowed you to be in two places at once. You badly want to give yourself a boost in terms of education, but you would also like the opportunity to work and earn a little money to facilitate your lifestyle at the same time.

How Distance Education will benefit your Lifestyle and Career Development:

 You get to learn all-important Life Skills

With the option of distance study you get to learn critical life skills. By being placed in the real life situation of having to work, study and balance your own schedule you will find that you are able to grow as an individual. By getting this type of training you are able to build resilience and character for the all-important time when you do officially enter a full-time job.

Begin your studies on your own terms

Many students have variables in their lives to deal with. Some may be married, have children or have a number of other commitments to deal with. Because our courses are distance education sources, you are able to structure your studies on your own schedule and timetable in a manner that suits you best. Students may register at any time of the year, you are also able to study at home and not have the inconvenience of travelling to classes. 

You have Academic Support on Standby

DCC has a number of highly-qualified individuals on standby who are all willing to provide every bit of support that you need in order to ensure your academic support. Our tutors are prompt in attending to your queries. They are also a wonderful source of strength and support by giving you feedback on all assignments. Their approach is logically sequenced. The tutors always ensure that they introduce topics, reinforce them and then review them with learner-centred exercises that are bound to drive key messages home.

Now with the support of distance education and studies, you are able to look forward to fulfil your dreams and make them work for you. DCC offers flexible and solution oriented studies that are bound to fit right in with your lifestyle. If you feel that you would like to work and study at the same time, why not log on to our website, view the information there and request a call back from one of the tutors? Visit for more.

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