MOST Mzansi pupils struggle with maths more and more as they climb their grades.

This is why Numeric, an NGO, has stepped in. Their aim is to help all pupils understand the foundations of maths.

While the programme is currently active it only serves some Soweto schools.

Emisang Machedi, chief programme manager, said: “Numeric has developed a low-cost delivery model for high-impact, after-school programmes in low-income areas. We currently serve 15 Soweto schools.

“Our main focus is teaching foundational maths, because the major problem in upper grades is that pupils lack this basic knowledge which sabotages their attempts to learn more advanced forms of mathematics.”

Teaching internship

The after-school programmes have two main beneficiaries: the pupils and the coaches who run the programmes. Coaches are trained in an intensive teaching internship.

University courses

Numeric has partnered with a number of universities to offer specialised courses for various first year students.


Using their teacher training experience and Khan Academy courses, Numeric provides short courses for in-service teachers and other community organisations.

Dimakatso Nxumalo, a third year student at the University of Joburg, said: “I have coached many pupils in maths.

“I currently work with grade 6 and 7 pupils but what we do is different because we bring fun to the lessons. It is the fun that makes understanding of mathematics easier to learn. I feel it is a better way of teaching than how I was taught.”