FORMER TS Galaxy coach Dan Malesela has given SunSport the blow-by-blow drama that unfolded leading to his shock resignation from the club on Thursday. 

According Malesela, his players failed him by not implementing his instructions, which led to them losing bumper-to-bumper matches without a win.

They have gone six matches in a row without a win, including cup matches.

And Malesela said he thought it would be best for him to quit, especially after their 3-0 loss to Chippa, relinquishing their Nedbank Cup trophy in the first round.

“Yes I resigned,” he said.

“The December break dealt us a big blow with most of the senior players failing to report to camp on time,” Malesela said.

“The popular Christmas tournaments saw players come back with injuries to key players, and not fringe players. I had a serious problem. I realised that the coaching thing isn’t going well anymore. We suffered a reputation damage. The club’s reputation was badly damaged. I didn’t want this to happen.”

He said he would be taking break and maybe someone would come and lead TS Galaxy to bigger heights.

On resigning, Malesela said he phoned Tim Sukazi “on Thursday morning after going through videos of our game against Chippa.

“And I told him that it would be best if I resigned, and he accepted,” Malesela said.

“I thought about it hard before resigning. Obviously the chairman wanted me to stay on, but I had already made up my mind. 

“Whatever happens in this period, so be it.”

On rumours that there are clubs clubs in the PSL looking for him, he said he will see what happens.