THE Coronavirus is wreaking havoc across the entire globe.

And while many sports lovers across the world miss being at the stadium or sitting in front of their TV to watch their favourite sport, they understand that human life is more important.

Therefore, they are happy to adhere to the safety measures by the government to prevent the spread the spread of the deadly virus.

For a football crazy nation like South Africa, going without the country’s number one sport would be unfathomable, especially for some of the famous die-hard supporters.

But even they are happy to put football on pause for now and join the fight against the global pandemic.

Orlando Pirates’ die-hard supporter, Mandla Sindane, better know as Mgijimmi, has called on fellow supporters to take the virus seriously and protect themselves and their families by practising all the health measures.

“This virus has hit us football supporters, we need to protect our families and the entire community by washing our hands regularly, sanitising and social distancing,” said Mgijimi.

“We have to respect the lockdown and stay at home. We will return to the stadium when we have defeated thus virus.”