THE only thing that will separate Kenneth “Gunman” Mgiba from Orlando Pirates is death!

Kenneth (58) from Chiawelo in Soweto said he has been a fan since he was a young boy.

“I grew up surrounded by Pirates supporters. Everybody in the house was a Pirates fan,” he said.

He said there was a time when he saw himself playing soccer on the field.

“I was a good soccer player and my Bhakajuju team kept my faith alive.”

“Pirates is my church. I love art and I enjoy using my skills to express my love for the beautiful game.

“I find things that will make me stand out when I go to the stadium, or when I’m just watching the game on TV at home.”

Gunman was given his nickname by his mum Joy.

“I always have my toy gun with me.

How does Gunman deal with the disappointment of a lost match?

“I understand that soccer is a sport. It’s not personal,” he said.

“I always leave room for disappointment because I know that anything can happen.

“I hope Pirates fans will continue to believe in our players, no matter what,” he said.