IF you thought Tim Sukazi will return keys to the Highlands Park offices today after the PSL on Monday declined to ratify the club’s sale, you better think again.

“The sale is proceeding one way or the other. You must understand that we’ve already handed the players over to Sukazi (on Monday), and there’s no turning back,” said the club’s chairman, Brad Kaftel yesterday.

Kaftel was reacting to the rejection from the PSL after they declined their transaction with Sukazi, based on section 112 of the Companies Act, which puts a spanner in the works. Sinky Mnisi has always come out publicly that he does not endorse the sale of the club, as he believes important information was hidden from him and deals were concluded behind his back, despite being a shareholder.

Kaftel yesterday was made to break down the club’s shareholders’ ownership, and he said: “Sinky is not the only black partner. Highlands is a 51% black owned company.

“Sinky owns 20%, then our other highly respected black professional owns 31% (known to SunSport), I own 29% and Larry Brookstone owns 20%. Then if someone brings in the racial connotation to this things, I just say rubbish.”

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He added: “This is not a set back. The deal will go through. The truth is that Sinky has got all the information that he needed.

“Sinky has always had a one hour meeting with me every Tuesday for the past six years. His lawyer requested the other information of which I have emailed to him. Nothing has been withheld.”

Kaftel has advised that when you look at the situation you have to choose which hat you’re wearing.

“If you’re wearing a shareholder’s hat, then the sale must go through. There’s no shareholder who should think the sale must not go through. The company has got debts and had to borrow money to pay for its loss. Now you have an opportunity to settle 90% of the debts,” Kaftel said.

“In my personal capacity I don’t want to lose this club, Tembisa people and all the football that we sponsor in Tembisa. But we will have to go for it, for now.

“It’s emotional and disheartening. To our supporters, we apologise, we’re as heartsore as you, we share your pain, we understand, be patient.”

He said they have kept all their young players and they’ll come back after two years and get a GladAfrica Championship status and come back to the PSL.

“We need a break,” he said.

Meanwhile, SunSport understands that new owners of the club have released goalie Tapuwa Kapini, Musa Nyatama, Limbikani Mzava, Sabelo Nyembe, Sello Motsepe, Makhehlene Makhaula, Jerry Msane and Thabo Motlafi.