South African boxing rising star Azinga “Golden Boy” Fuzile has been offered another title elimination bout against leading contender for the mandatory position in the IBF junior lightweight division.

IBF has ordered the SA fighter to participate in an elimination bout after they did not find any wrongdoing on Fuzile’s eight-round defeat against Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov. 

The two met in an IBF junior lightweight elimination bout at East London’s Orient Theatre in September.

But Fuzile appealed the outcome, accusing the Russian prospect of cheating. 

Several issues were raised stemming from their elimination contest, including what Fuzile’s team argued was the illegal use of a smelling salt by Rakhimov’s corner in between rounds.

However, a four-month investigation into Rakhimov’s eighth round knockout of Fuzile failed to provide any evidence of wrongdoing, as officially ruled by the International Boxing Federation (IBF). 

After consultation with the Championships Committee in accordance with Rule 12.F, the IBF has recognised Rakhimov as the winner of the Elimination bout against Azinga Fuzile by TKO in the 8th round.

The Duncan Village-born boxing sensation will now meet the leading available contender for the mandatory position in the IBF junior lightweight division. 

Meanwhile Rakhimov has been cleared to maintain his mandatory ranking and proceed with a due title shot.

The winner of the Joseph Diaz vs. Rakhimov mandatory title defence will be required to mandatorily defend the IBF junior lightweight title against the leading available contender by April 30, 2021.