TS Galaxy chairman Tim Sukazi has cleared all the confusion regarding his most publicised interest in buying Bloemfontein Celtic.

As a matter of fact, Sukazi does NOT own Celtic, just yet. But he is in the process of splashing the moolah in purchasing the highly supported Free State Absa Premiership club.

According to Sukazi, the process is well on track and he is not willing to back down, this is despite all the noise that has been made by those who are loyal to Celtic and do not want the PSL side lost to Bloemfontein.

At this stage the honest truth is that Sukazi, who has been on different national radios personally confirming his interest in buying the club, there are three big hurdles that the qualified advocate still has to jump.

  • In March, Sukazi reached an agreement in principle with the desperate Celtic chairman Max Tshabalala about his interest in buying the “green and white” giants of Free State.
  • He has until this Sunday (31 May) to submit all the mandatory financial guarantees to the National Soccer League (NSL) and his backers that he is capable of purchasing and running the club successfully.

“Then we would have reached Financial Close on the deal,” Sukazi clarified to SunSport yesterday.

  • He will then have to file his application with the NSL Executive Committee soon after Financial Close. His lodging would be a penultimate official step in showing his interest of buying Celtic.
  • The NSL Exco, which sits very last Thursday of every month, will in this case likely sit and consider his application on 25 June.

“I think this suffices as it deals with the matters of the transaction in relation to all involved,” he added.

Sukazi has further elaborated on how he intends relocating the team to Mpumalanga, but only if an approval is given by the NSL Exco once he passes all the tests of validity.

He did not mince his words when he said the club will by then belong to the people of Mpumalanga, and he would relinquish TS Galaxy to either of the four successful bidders to buy The Rockets.

But he was kind enough to say he will buy Celtic with all their players and management, including their contracts.

“No one needs to be worried about their contracts. We will cater for all their financial packages,” Sukazi said.

“I have always loved Celtic fans and even today I am their biggest admirer, and they too will be part of our plans going forward.

“They are a critical asset and must be part of it.

“We will design something special for the fans not to lose a team in the early decisions.

“There has been a lot of people who have shown interest in buying Celtic in the last three seasons, but nothing came about. We are serious and will push until we conclude the deal.”

On the rumoured debts of Tshabalala, Sukazi said: “Such financial debts don’t change face. The debts remain with you. We cannot get involved in such as our interest is solely on the team.”

He admitted to having had a conversation with Pietermaritzburg businessman Lebo Mokoena who has been in the news seeking to buy the club, but Sukazi says the former is only trying to raise sponsorship for the club.

Players that spoke to SunSport on condition of anonymity said they were only worried about their job, and they don’t care who buys the club, as long as their salaries will be paid.

But sceptics believe Sukazi is just bluffing and does not have the kind of cash to buy Celtic, which is believed to be worth about R60 million.