A GOOD Samaritan has reached out to Namhla Meyiwa.

This after Senzo’s 14-year-old daughter shared with Daily Sun how she was struggling since her father’s death.

The story was published yesterday, headlined: “Meyiwa’s school fees pain!

Now former Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates goalkeeper, Brilliant Khuzwayo, has promised to help Namhla.

Namhla said her biggest problem was her lunch box for school.

“I sometimes go to school without any food in my lunch box. My grandmother and uncle try, but sometimes it becomes too difficult for them. As a result, I end up going to school without lunch,” she told Daily Sun.

Namhla, who lives with the Meyiwas, said her gogo Ntombifuthi and uncle, Sfiso, could only do so much.

“I don’t work and survive on my pension, but it’s not enough,” said Ntombifuthi.

Namhla’s pain touched Brilliant’s heart.

“It would be selfish of me to sit back and do nothing while Senzo’s daughter is struggling.

“I’m not rich, but I’m more than willing to help. Senzo was not just a colleague, but was like a big brother. He took me under his wing when I was young and nurtured my talent,” said Brilliant.

“He motivated me to become a great footballer. I’ve no reason to watch his daughter suffer. I feel I have to do my part, just like he did to my football career.”

Brilliant said he also had a daughter and wouldn’t want her to suffer like Namhla

“I wouldn’t want her to go to school without a lunch box or stationery. When I die, I’d want her to live a nomal life,” he said.

He then asked Namhla to list all her school needs so he could help.

Namhla thanked Brilliant.

“I really appreciate uncle Brilliant’s help. I urgently need school stationery including roll up crayons, pencil case, plastic covers, pens and flip files,” she said.

Brilliant promised to buy these items by the end of next week. Ntombifuthi also thanked Brilliant. “We’re thankful for this and it’s going to make a huge difference in her studies,” she said.