BAROKA FC coach, Dylan Kerr, has been suspended with immediate effect for "refusing to take instructions".

Kerr has been charged with insubordination and bringing the club into disrepute, according to Bakgaga's executive marketing manager, Richard Mashabane.

In what has been said to have been a heated argument between Kerr and chairman, Khurishi Mphahlele, apparently the Englishman lost his cool and accused the club of interfering in his duties and were not allowing him to do his job with peace.

Mashabane said Kerr was in a fighting mood accusing everyone of stomping on his toes "whereas they are not educated and have no coaching qualifications".

"He disrespected everybody at the club. The chairman was not interfering but advising him," said Mashabane.

"It's not like the chairman told him who to play and who not. It's something like 'it's pre-season, what do you think about this?'. I was part of the meeting where the chairman tried to advise Kerr on certain technical matters and he burst into anger.

"It's the chairman's club and surely he has a say in the running of the club, whether technical or otherwise. He started telling us the way he has 30-years experience in football, and none of us could tell him anything. 

"He was referring to his Fifa accredited qualifications and boasted that none of his helpers are qualified, and they're clueless. How do you tell your colleagues that you work with daily that they are not educated? He was referring this to our goalkeeper coach and others on the technical bench. That is wrong."

This is not the first time that Kerr has accused the club of interference as he first said it on live TV after a game in the bubble, but has since apologised and smoked a peace pipe with Mphahlele. 

Speaking to SunSport, Kerr said he's consulting with his legal team and excused himself from making any comment.

"Let me get my head around... this is not easy, but I will not make any comments now, but you'll soon know what is happening," said Kerr. 

His assistant Matsemela Thoka will take charge of the team.