MODIBA brothers Aubrey and Justin are looking forward to the face-off in the Nedbank Cup. 

This when reigning champions SuperSport United take on a Ke Yona team on 3 September. 

Justin, representing the Ke Yona team, has expressed his desire to follow in Aubrey’s footsteps, once a player in the same team. 

These two players are cousins, but refer to each other as brothers because they are close and were born in the same year.

But Justin aims to be better than Aubrey, and plans to take it one step at a time to reach the highest levels.

This is also the first time the Ke Yona team have produced two players from the same family.

Aubrey graduated from the Ke Yona team in 2015.

Justin also believes the brotherhood they’ve built recently will see them become the first group to win the Ke Yona Cup.

Said Justin: “I grew up with him, we played together, and he’s given me good advice. He has experience, he’s been in the Ke Yona set-up. Now, I have a chance to face him in the final, I can tell it’ll be a great moment.”

Aubrey, who’s never looked back since graduating from Ke Yona, said he was proud of his brother for making it this far.

“I’m happy for him, but it doesn’t end here,” Aubrey said.

“It’s up to him whether he wants more. I’ve told him it’s not an easy journey. This is just the beginning.”

The Ke Yona team have not won or scored a goal against a PSL side in this cup in four years.

The 18-man squad was selected from 23, and those who didn’t make the cut go back to the wilderness.

On the night of the final, players were drafted to PSL clubs for a one-month trial.