I had just knocked off from work at about midnight on Friday when I read on social media that a section of Acornhoek Police Station was on fire.

And the following day I heard about a break-in at the nearby Acornhoek plaza.

That didn’t surprise me at all. It sounded like a well-designed plan.

My concern is that the country has become so vulnerable. Our law enforcement agencies are not safe from thugs.

If thugs are able to attack soldiers at their base and cops at police stations, who are we in our homes?

We don’t have guns, training and the authority to defend ourselves.

We recently witnessed cops being chased by foreigners in the Joburg CBD.

How can people even think of attacking a police station and kill police officers?

Yet we still say police shouldn’t shoot.

A police officer is a loving husband, child to other parents, and a parent to other kids. So why should they be treated as if they’re nobodies?

The world has changed. Money has taken away what humanity used to offer and replaced it with devilish thoughts.

As a law-abiding citizen, I want to feel safe anywhere in the country.

I want to feel safe when I’m certifying copies at the police station or going past a cash-in-transit vehicle.

) Godfrey Malibe