Libraries are a necessity in our communities, especially as they help people with their academic and leisure needs.

But I’m worried about the model and size of the library recently built in Thubelihle, a small residential area in Mpumalanga under the eMalahleni Municipality.

It seems whoever decided on the need for the library, especially considering the size of the local population, was not thinking straight, not to mention the one who approved it.

This was wasteful expenditure.

If I had anything to do with it, I would have taken the money used to build that library and spent it on renovating the dilapidated matchbox-sized licensing offices in nearby Kriel instead.

The service at that licensing office is a disgrace because of its structure.

One has to stand in queues for almost the whole day under all sorts of weather conditions before being helped.

Thubelihle’s new library will soon turn into a white elephant considering the fact that technology has advanced to an extent that people have almost everything at their fingertips in the form of smartphones or laptops.

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse and others must definitely intervene.

Please understand that I’m not against the library but am opposed to its size.

Anyway, how many people really need a library here?

Given the number of drug addicts in this area, the municipality should also think about converting the building into a rehabilitation centre to assist the affected youth.

) Jabulani Mazibuko