I shed tears every time I hear about a young woman who was raped and killed.

People talk about such incidents as if they are normal day-to-day occurrences.

But that’s until their own families become victims. They then realise how cruel this is.

It is shocking how people have no regard for human life.

Politically, South Africans are finally free. But we don’t enjoy this freedom because of crime.

How can we say we are free when we have beasts who roam our streets and target girls to rape?

As a nation, we’re failing these young women. Society has a duty to protect its women, children, the disabled and the elderly.

We can’t say we’re proudly South African when the law and society continue to fail vulnerable people.

We claim to have the best constitution in the world, yet we fail to show love to our children by protecting them against these rapists.

I find it odd that a gang of men could agree to do such a despicable thing without a single one of them having sympathy for the victim.

The monsters don’t have consciences. We were all born human with good hearts.

But somewhere along the way, some of us off-ramped. Let’s return to our original self. Then our love, respect and sympathy will return.

  • Ephenia Kubu

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