Where are the elders? This is the question on everyone’s lips today.

A staggering 6 000 teenage girls are either pregnant or have recently become mothers. This is just in North West alone.

This figure is extremely shocking to say the least.

We have in our midst a generation that has chosen to commit class suicide. It’s a generation whose interest in their reproductive organs should be limited to their biology class.

They are choosing to ruin their futures by engaging in premarital sex. As a parent, I often ask myself if these kids are taught about the dangers posed by teenage pregnancy and the emotional burden of raising a child when you are still a child yourself.

Having a baby comes with great responsibility.

When young girls are made mothers before their time, it’s a reflection of a community that has dismally failed to set an example.

We, as parents, need to own up.

The issue of teenage pregnancy is a cancer that has been allowed to grow for far too long. Our kids’ futures hang in the balance.

  • Ishmael Showa, Germiston