It’s often at this time of the year that most of us question our mistakes.

We look back at how wasteful we’ve been.

We cloud ourselves with negative thoughts and end up not planning for the future.

Some people are worried about their debts, some burst in anger when thinking they could’ve done better, while others laugh externally but cry about it internally.

Yes, the eight wasted months may be useless and hurtful, but let it not be a reason you give up on life.

You still have four months ahead, and they can be enough if you use them wisely. We can still save and pay debts.

Putting up a smokescreen will only result in yet another four wasted months.

Face your mistakes and don’t avoid them.

Remember, you should face your future with your head held high. It’s the only way you’ll overcome the past.

Come up with a plan real fast, put it to work, and trust in your abilities.

  • Molefi Mokhasi

Olievenhoutbosch, Centurion