I agree with analysts who say former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe was the devil incarnate.

Our politicians think we can be easily hoodwinked into selectively remembering only the good that Mugabe did.

What utter nonsense! What is the point of building a house and, when we’re looking forward to seeing a beautiful roof, you start destroying it?

Zimbabwe has arguably one of the best education systems in Africa.

What is the use of an excellent education system when its architect does not provide a platform to apply it to good effect to benefit the country?

Should this be celebrated?

It’s not surprising that some of our politicians want us to remember Mugabe as an icon because they are like him.

All they do is line their pockets at the expense of the poor. Mugabe leaves a stinking legacy.

  • Raletsatsi Makgato, Ga-Kgapane

) Even though African culture dictates that we respect the spirit of the departed, Robert Mugabe will be remembered for leaving the country in a complete shambles. Although history will recognise him as Zimbabwe’s founding father, we should not gloss over how he left a dysfunctional country that will take decades to rebuild. This letter wins R200. Please call Nthabiseng at out office to collect your prize. – Editor