Every time we read or watch the news, we hear about a family killed by gunmen.

When we turn the pages of a newspaper, we read about pupils killing each other on school premises. This terrible news just does not go away.

All these acts might be sparked by the fact that people know they will not be arrested, despite having taken other people’s lives.

These senseless killings seem to be a part of our lives and people are beginning to get used to them.

Honestly, it’s about time citizens and authorities rolled up their sleeves and fought against these social ills.

We need to do this before they become a norm to the younger generation.

Gone are the days when one’s life was so sacred that people feared having anyone’s blood on their hands.

The fact that anyone can own a gun is becoming a big concern. This is so because guns are being used like toys. After the pathology vehicle has collected the victim’s remains, it’s a business as usual.

Moral values and consciences are desperately needed in Mzansi because this brutality is gaining momentum.

  • Pascal, Vosloorus