Being a strong woman behind a successful man shouldn’t be your ultimate goal.

A man’s success is not your success. Even if you’re the one behind it, it’s still not yours.

Making your own success is what you should be focusing on. That’s the only thing worth your full focus.

The saying “behind every successful man, there is a strong woman” is mostly quoted to compliment women, but it’s poison to women, especially young women.

Because of the saying, young women dream of being the strong woman behind the successful man.

This puts them many steps behind their male peers. While they put their energy on being the strong woman behind the man, young men work on owning their success.

Women shouldn’t take the saying as a compliment because it’s not. Women, lead your own success. That’s the only key to real freedom.

) Mveleli Bayisa

  • We live in a world where anything and everything is possible for women to realise their dreams. Agreed, it’s the duty of our men to nurture their women and help them to be the best they want to be. This letter wins R200 today. Call Nthabiseng at our offices to collect. – Deputy Editor