I was so shocked to learn of the fatal stabbing at Thuto-Tiro Secondary School in Sebokeng.

We parents hold our breath because of the dangerous weapons kids take to the schools we send them. I understand the education department will work with the police to beef up safety at schools, but we still hear of pupils being killed with dangerous weapons.

I wonder how these reach the grounds after guards search pupils’ bags.

Apparently, some bullies come to school under the influence of alcohol or drugs, carrying dangerous weapons, to threaten fellow pupils or even teachers.

Metal detectors should be used when searching pupils’ bags. Weapons are hidden in the toilets and police or guards should search pupils and the grounds.

All schools should have signs that drugs, alcohol and dangerous weapons are forbidden, warning pupils that if they ignore the message they will be handed over to cops.

Dear pupils , crime doesn’t pay. It only destroys your future.

Committing crime is like being a fool who strangles his own future and later blames others.

Having a criminal record becomes a problem as no employer wants to employ a thug. Stick to the law to safeguard your future.

Some pupils go to school to kill time before boozing at taverns. Government should warn tavern owners of the consequences of selling booze to pupils.

Pupils also throw parties at parks after school, where they booze and have unsafe sex.

Parents, police and the education department must find long-lasting solutions.

If we’re serious about the safety of our children, let’s take action rather than collect corpses later.

) Phahunye Tebeile