Schools have become dens of violence.

Tshepo Mphehlo fell victim to senseless violence in a place where children are supposed to be safe.

Tshepo, a grade 9 pupil at Thuto-Tiro Comprehensive School in Sebokeng in the Vaal, was stabbed in the chest with a pair of scissors, allegedly by another pupil.

This is very disturbing and disgusting.

Assaults and killing have become the order of the day at schools in Mzansi.

Pupils assault and bully one another daily. This is a sign that our schools are not being run properly.

Killings in schools are escalating and nothing effective is being done to solve the problem.

Pupils should focus on their studies instead of bringing their problems with other kids into the classroom.

Schools are a place to learn and grow educationally and morally. They are not battlefields.

We hope that pupils will learn to be disciplined at all times, and stop killing each other whenever they don’t get along.

  • Miyelani Hlungwani Mukhomi Village